Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Lately Scott & I have been wondering if Micah's eyes are going to change. They are bright blue and he has coal black hair. Scott has dark eyes and my eyes are very dark also. As of right now we aren't seeing any dark spots in Micah's eyes so that makes me think they aren't going to change.

Micah does have a good chance he will keep his pretty blue eyes, both my brother and Scotts brother have light eyes. I am going to make a poll and post it to the left of this post. Please feel free to vote and tell me if you think his eyes will change or stay the same.

On a side note, our little constipated baby is no longer having troubles. YAY, that means he isn't fussy anymore and we are all doing much better. He is back to taking the regular amount of formula instead of 2 oz every 2 hours. Hopefully this keeps up and he doesn't get backed up again.

I tried to do a mini-photo session with Micah the other night but as you can tell it didn't go too well. I need a black sheet to get the photos I want. Hopefully sometime this week I can run out to get one. Bandit also decided he wanted his picture taken and kept getting on the sheet with Micah. Very smart, knows where to get the attention. Cousin/Aunt Kerri is willing to make our announcements for us but I need to get a better picture for her, and soon!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fun Firsts!

This weekend was full of a lot of first for Micah. Friday night was his first full night in his crib and he seemed to really enjoying it, sleeping 8 hours for us. I woke up around 1 am freaking out and had to go into his room to make sure he was still breathing. (My Aunt Joy said I would do this but I never believed her, she was right)

Another first is he is beginning to smile for us. Big happy smiles and we love it. They are still hard to get with a picture but I will keep trying. He loves to follow light and smile at them. Another thing he loves to smile at is his daddy. Scott will make faces and sounds then Micah will just smile and coo. There is nothing better in the world than to watch them play.

We had many visitors this weekend. My Aunt, Uncle and their two kids came in from TN on their way to the beach. They also brought my grandparents up to see Micah. It's great that family can come in and see how big he has gotten. Scott's family brought us dinner tonight (Chinese, yum yum) and spent some time. Grandpa C always says "I will see Micah when he is 5 years old and ready for t-ball" (sure) I just had to get a picture of Micah looking up at him thinking "I'm not 5 yet, what happened?" It must be a male thing because he started to grin and coo at Scott's dad also.

Bandit could not be forgotten so Mark took good care of him. Mark has yet to hold Micah but he does come over and give Bandit all the attention he deserves. What a good brother-in-law, always there when our dog needs something! When Mark is over, you can forget about Bandit wanting anything to do with you, they are best buddies.

This week is going to be filled with job hunting. I'm off tomorrow to turn my resume into another place. I'm hoping someone will call me soon, I'm getting very anxious. Keep me in your thoughts as I continue to look for another job.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Micah's Birth Story

I know the ladies on BOTB would like to have my birth story handy so I am copying and pasting it from my old blog.

Well, I believe it's about time I post Micah's birth story, right?

On June 5th I went in for a follow up appointment to check my blood pressure and to get the results from the tests they ran that day. Come to find out I was slightly pre-eclamptic and they thought the best thing for the baby & I was to go over to the hospital and be induced that day. We ran over to the hospital at 2:30 pm and didn't even get up to L&D until close to 3:30. The nurse gets me all hooked up and tells me they have 2 options. (1. they can put a cervadil in to help my cervices thin out so they could break my water or 2. go ahead and break my water if I am dilated and effaced enough.) At 5 pm the Midwife came in, checked me and said that they were going to do the cervadil. (now with this, it has to stay in for 12 hrs and you can't eat or drink anything that isn't clear liquids) She was ready to put it in at 5pm and I had to stop her b/c I hadn't eaten dinner and wanted to. Thankfully they let me and she came back at 7pm to put it in.

So from 7pm to 7am on June 6th I just watched TV and laid in bed waiting for this thing to work it's magic. 7am the next morning the MW came back and said that I was far enough along they could break my water. She suggested I get up, shower and eat a good breakfast since this would be the last time I would be able to do any of that until after I gave birth.

10:07am on June 6th the doctor comes in to breaks my water. It was like the freaking ocean opened up and let out. This is the point they considered me in 'labor'. They also started my Petocin at this time to help the contractions and labor quicken up. Nothing really happened until 12:30 when I actually started to feel strong contractions.

4:30pm the contractions got painful enough that I wanted the epi. I call the nurse and she calls the anesthesiologist to tell him I would like one! Not 15 mins later he was in my room ready for me. For the ladies that believe this would hurt, it doesn't AT ALL. It was actually heaven sent from a good looking guy in blue scrubs along with a Tar Heels doctors cap on! ha This eased the pain enough for me to take a few naps off and on throughout the day. Every few hours the epi would ware off enough (not all the way) that he would have to come back to give me a shot to kick it back into gear and he would also up the dose that was dripping into my IV.

All day and throughout the night the nurses would have me roll from one side, back to the other then onto my back to try and help me dilate more. It would take me rolling on one side for 30 mins, then back to the other for another 30 mins and onto my back for the last 30 mins to dialate 1 cm. Around 11pm (13 hrs later) I was only dilated to 6 cm and 70% effaced.

Around 1 am on June 7th my mom comes in to tell me her, dad and 2 of my aunts were going back to our house to try and get some sleep. She also informed me that the nurse told her even when I do dilate and thin out enough to push I would probably be pushing for 2-3 hours. (Thanks for telling me this mom)

2:30am I look at DH bawling my eyes out and tell him that I can't do it anymore. Even if I do dilate enough to push I wouldn't be able to b/c I was just too tired. He tries his best to reassure me that everything will be ok, but it's hard to do when you have been rolling side to side for the past 17 hrs. The nurse continues to check me throughout the night I never dilate a big enough amount to call the Dr in.

10:00am on June 7th the MW comes in, checks me and tells me I only dilated to 8cm and was 80% effaced. After 24 hrs of 'laboring' I didn't make enough progress to push. She talks with the Dr. and they determine that it's best we have a c-section.

We all get prepped and ready for the c-section. They take me into the room first, get me all hooked up and pumped full of more meds to numb me even more. After the anesthesiologist gets me numbed enough the doctors come in & bring Scott in also. They start, Scott looks at me and asks if I am ok. I tell him yes, that all I feel is alittle pressure which they said I would. It didn't hurt, just a little tugging. Then BAM, all of a sudden I feel the worse pain in the world. It literally felt like they were pulling my insides out. I honestly think Micah was in the birth canal because the pain was that low. I didn't just feel this pain one time, I kept feeling it over and over. Every time I felt it I would squeeze Scott's hand, then I couldn't take it anymore and I screamed out. The anesthesiologist came over to me and started to pump more meds into me (not sure at this time what it was) and leaned over me to tell me he was going to make it all better. (Scott said whatever he was pumping into me he must have ran out of or it wasn't strong enough b/c he had someone leave to get more of it)

The only things I remember after that is Micah crying for the first time, they hand him off to the nurse, she cleans him and asks Scott if he would like to cut the cord. He said no b/c I was reaching for him again due to the pain I was in. After this, I was out and don't remember anything. Scott took a picture of Micah and I but I don't remember it. Moments you imagine for 9 months (such as seeing your baby for the first time and feeding him for the first time) were taken away from me b/c of all that pain. (I truly believe this pain was just a hot spot. It may have happened b/c I had the epi for so long or it may have happened b/c my body didn't want to take it in that one spot)

Micah was born at 10:31am on June 7th, 2008. He weighed 8 lb .6 oz and was 20 3/4 inches long.

When I woke up I was in the recovery room shaking from the Anestassia and Scott was there! He told me what happened and then kept asking the doctor and nurse if I was going to be ok. They reassured him that the shaking was due to the meds but of course it worried me and him at the same time. After I calmed down a bit he decided it was best to go see our families and Micah in the nursery. He came back with plenty of pictures to show me!

The pain from the c-section was horrible at the beginning but it's much better now. The first night in the hospital was the worse. It was so hard to get out of bed to use the bathroom. It took a few weeks to fully recover to where I could do everything on my own.

My recovery went very well. My mom stayed for 3 weeks at the beginning and was a VERY big help. From doing laundry, cleaning and cooking dinner it wouldn't have been done if she wasn't here. It still hits me hard every now and then that Micah is finally here. Even when I was pregnant I could never imagine him being here, changing his diapers, feeding him or just loving him. It's all a reality now.Even though I had to go through so much to have Micah here, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I believe Micah has already brought Scott & I closer together, I loved Scott so much before and didn't think I could love him anymore, I was wrong. Seeing him as a father made my love grow for him beyond imagination. Micah was love at first sight and I never imagined I could love someone like I spill my love into him.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lazy Day

Pancakes anyone? We had a yummy spread of pancakes for lunch.... at 2:30! Micah decided he didn't want us to eat them hot and woke up for more food right when I was almost done. 30 minutes later we were able to enjoy our 'lunch'. They actually look pretty good, right?

Micah is staying awake more. It seems he isn't getting enough food through the day and wants to wake up about every 2 hours during the day. This is really fine by me as long as he sleeps longer at night. (which he is doing, knock on wood)

This next picture is when I said 'daddy is going to change your diaper'. The look of death on his face.

We also had some last minute visitors today, Aunt Joy and Cousin Emily. They haven't seen Micah in a couples weeks and commented on how big he has gotten. Oh yes, we know, he is our little chunk monkey!

The last big excitement of the day came when Bandit decided to get spazy on us. He go a hold of one of Micah's bibs and burp clothes. Since he thought this was cool, I placed a bib on him to see how he liked it. His reaction actually surprised me, it really didn't bother him that much. He even set down for a picture with it on! Ready for dinner.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Appointments, Appointments

Micah's second Drs. appointment was today. This was just a 'well babies' visit so nothing traumatic had to happen to our little man. He is getting big on us.... 12 lbs and 23 inches long. This is above his age but the Dr. said he was in the good percentile and it would probably all even out. His weight is good for his length so we are thankful for that.

After his appointment he didn't seem to want to sleep. He would eat then fall asleep for about an hour and want more food. This went all for about 5 hours and needless to say, he was pooped. I finally just swaddled him in the blanket and laid him on the bed with me. In the picture below you can see what happened.

Bandit seems to be doing better. We believe the meds the vet gave him for his peeing and pooping attempts may have relaxed him a little too much. He has been a lot better the past few days. No more peeing in the kitchen, YAY! He is still very jealous and it seems to be worse since we got home from IL. I just have to start loving on him at night when Micah is asleep.

Smokey, well Smokey is who he is. He is a loner cat and has always been that way. He comes downstairs to lay in the sun every morning but after that he is done for the day. The only time we see him is at night or when he is out of food. Very easy going cat that doesn't need a lot of attention.

Enjoy the pictures because I don't know when I will get a chance to catch this again.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Welcome to my new blog! I decided to switch sites since I really couldn't get the other one the way I liked it and it was VERY aggravating. Hope you enjoy this one better.

Micah is already 6 weeks old. He is growing so fast and I wish I could just keep him this size forever. He loves to look at lights and watch the mobiles go round and around. If the noise stops on his swing he goes nuts and wants it back on until he falls into a deep sleep, very cute.

We did a bit a traveling in the past few weeks. July 4th weekend we went to Columbus to visit Grandma C's family for the weekend. This was Micah's first long adventure in a car and he did great on the way up and on the way back.

This past weekend we went on a very long voyage, we decided to visit my parents in Illinois. It usually takes my parents 8 hours to get there from WV and on the way there it took us 9 hours, we only stopped twice to eat and feed Micah so we made great time. On the way back, well it took us close to 12 hours because we took our time and stopped more often. All in all they were not bad trips.

While in IL my parents decided to take us to St. Louis to do some site seeing. Our first stop was at the Anheuser-Bush Brewery. When we got there the next available tour was an hour and 40 mins away so we decided to wait and see when Micah was going to wake up to eat his next meal. He had perfect timing, he got done 10 minutes before our tour started, awesome baby! We got to see some of the Clydesdale's and the first barn where they housed them at. Beautiful horses and a beautiful barn in the middle of St. Louis, would have never guessed.

At the end of the tour they take you to a hospitality room where you get 2 free beers (or alcoholic beverages) of your choice, along with pretzels. Well as you can see from the picture below, we had fun!

Our next stop on the St. Louis tour was the Gateway Arch. This structure is just amazing when you get to see it in person. I never realized just how HUGE is until I was under it taking pictures. We even got mom in the tram that takes you to the top where you can take pictures and look over Illinois and Missouri. This was a great photo opp (I would have taken a family photo but Micah just looked so peaceful sleeping in his carrier)

I promise to update this blog more since I understand it better!