Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our Old Man

Picture says it all. This is Micah's new favorite thing to do!! Cute, huh?? I also couldn't help but add the handsome picture below! Enjoy

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For you.... Dad!!!

We got new carpet!! WOOT WOOT..... can you tell that I am just a little excited?? (thanks mom & dad) Anyway here are a few pictures, I hope you can tell the difference. It went from an ugly, worn down grey w/ barely any pad to a beautiful brown/red/tan carpet with an excellent pad that makes you feel like you are walking on air!






Monday, February 2, 2009

Busy Busy Weekend

We had a very busy weekend, starting Saturday morning. My parents came in from IL for Micah's Christening. Mom and I went out shopping while the guys stayed home. It was bonding time for Micah and 'Tim' aka his grandfather (my father). My dad does NOT want to be called 'grandpa, paw paw' or anything of that sort so we are just calling him 'Tim' for now. Until Micah makes his own name for him.

Micah was spitting up a lot again this past week and into the weekend. When mom and I got home I noticed he was spitting up more. I made a comment about it and dad said 'well he doesn't come with a dip stick, we don't know how full he is'. I thought I was about to die laughing on the floor. Thank goodness my child is not a car and doesn't come with a dipstick!

The craziness followed into Sunday morning. After we all got up, dressed and ready to go. We made our way to the church to meet up with the other family members. Feeling like the old days, when we would go the midnight Mass down in Gary with the whole family, we took up 2 rows in church!! Micah was great, only jabbering a few times. We decided to do the Christening after Mass so that Scott's family could attend.

Of course, Micah was great during the whole Christening, he didn't even cry when Deacon Don poured the water directly into his eye at first. Micah was probably thinking that he was getting a bath, little did he know.

After the Christening, we got our marriage blessed. The reason we had to get our marriage blessed is because we did not get married in the Catholic Church or married by a Priest, Deacon Don also put on this ceremony. The neat thing about this was we 'renewed' our vows 2 years after we got married! Deacon Don kept saying 'again' which was really cute.

Deacon Don, Scott, Micah and myself after everything was over!

My whole family made the trip over to my Aunt Joys house to eat, play Wii, sing Karaoke and play some card games! We had a great time but it was just great to spend time with my family. My parents had to leave today to get back to IL. Every time they come in, I miss them even more. I understand why they are out there, but I pray they will come home soon.

(Thanks mom and dad for everything you do for us!!)