Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Big, Exciting News

We have 2 very big and exciting topics to share with everyone!!

#1....... Micah is walking!

Yep, our little man is walking. I will have to try and get him on video soon. He is so cute, sticks that belly out, throws those arms off, and takes off. (I would have pictures but mom was a little impatient about this post since I haven't updated since July, I'm sorry!)

He did have a little accident this weekend when he was starting to let go. He was walking to the window, tripped and feel face first on the dog bone. There apparently was a sharp edge on the bone because our little guy has a little black eye. It has gone done a lot since this weekend but it is still noticeable.

#2...... that is just it, I am pregnant with #2!!!!! YAY

We are so exciting to be welcoming our 2nd child in March of 2010! I can't believe we will have 2 under 2, Micah will be close to 22 months when I have the 2nd child. I also can't believe we will be having another baby in the house! Excited beyond belief though.

My parents are also going to be the proud grandparents of 3 grandchildren by then! My brother & sis-in-law are due in October, I am too excited to be pregnant along with her and share this joy with both our families!

My little baby isn't going to be the baby for very much longer, can you believe it??

Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th Weekend!

Well this may just be a picture post more than a writing post. Micah and myself went down to my grandparents Friday to visit! My Aunt Cathy showed up on her lunch break so we got to spend time with both. Micah loves to go down there and open PawPaw's TV cabinet. He will pull all the tapes out and just look at him like, 'I did NONE of that!' We get a kick out of it and just let him continue, at least we are all smiling.

On Saturday, July 4th, Scott, Micah and myself heading to my Aunt and Uncle's to spend time with more family. The cousins were there, along with Abby (the dog), MawMaw, PawPaw, Cathy, Jimmy and the boys, but don't leave Emily out!

The kids got a kick out of the tire swing, while Micah 'walked' down the hill to get to Abby. Later on, after the great food, we played bubbles with Micah and as you can tell, he really enjoyed it!

Now, I couldn't leave Tyler out with this picture! I told you it was going to make the blog!

Friday, July 3, 2009

New Blog

ok so I know I am in blog overload, but I don't like to mix everything together. I finally set up a blog for ONLY my photography. I am thankful that people have let me do shoots with them, so I wanted to post them in a seperate blog!

Check out the new photography blog at....


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Work, Tastefully Simple, Photographs......

and more! I wouldn't give it up for anything. I love my job, I love selling Tastefully Simple and meeting new amazing woman, along with taking pictures for people and landscapes! Who wouldn't love all this? Onto my boys.....

Micah is starting to walk around things more and more. As long as he is holding onto something, he will walk. He will stand alone for a few seconds, then forget that he needs to pick his feet up to walk and the poor guy just falls face forward! No bruises as of yet, but I am sure they are coming along sooner than later.

Since Scott does the weightlifting in the evening, Micah and I have had some quality along time together. One evening, when it was beautiful outside, I decided to take Micah to Grandview Park alone! We had a great time on the swings and looking at the overlook. Micah loved it since there were dogs out..... he was giggling the whole time! How does that NOT bring a smile to your face?

I was blessed enough to be able to take pictures for a family a little of a week ago! I am going to set up a blog just for my photography so I don't get it all mixed in with this one. When I get it up and running I will post a link from here, so stay tuned! I will post a few from the evening that I hope they enjoyed. Next up is SaCelia's Senior Shot tomorrow! I'm so excited, if you couldn't tell.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Exciting Weekend!

So this past weekend was an exciting weekend for the whole family. My parents joined us for Memorial Day Weekend.... or should I say Micah's Birthday Party Weekend? I know, I know, his birthday isn't until June 7th, but this was the best time to have his party! Saturday, first thing was first, our big boy needed a hair cut, BAD! Thankfully Kristy could work him on for us. He was such a good boy and stayed pretty still/calm for her.

The before and after pictures are posted above, she had to take a lot off, that really surprised me. As you can see he enjoyed looking at himself in all the mirrors she had around. Thankfully, she knew what she was doing because I had no clue what I wanted!

Sunday was the big day for our little guy. We had his party at Independence High School, which worked out great for everyone! We had hot dogs, chips, potato salad, fruit salad (which was amazing, Thanks Mom!) and of course CAKE!!!

As you see, Micah really enjoy the cake. He wasn't about to share it with anyone, good thing we bought a cookie cake, huh?

Luckily, he didn't get any in his hair. It mostly stayed in his mouth or around his legs. I wasn't prepared to get cake out of hair that day. All in all it was a great weekend, but how can it go bad when you have family and friends around you, right?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cathching Up.....

Well it has been awhile so I thought I would catch everything, and everybody up!

Micah is loving daycare, we believe. Every morning Scott takes him and drops him off. As I am getting him dressed and his bag packed he starts to wave and say 'bye bye bye dadda dadda dadda'. It's like he knows that he is going to go byebye with Scott. Scott tells me that when he gets him out of his car seat, he is all smiles, talking and laughing, ready for the fun filled day ahead. He leans right into the ladies arms, whichever is first there to get him! This makes all of us feel so much better, knowing that he loves to go there.

(this picture is for you Mom)

Micah is pulling up and walking along the couch, well anything he can hold onto really. Hopefully it won't be too long and we will have a walker on our hands. Am I ready for that? I'm not so sure. He is already all over the floor chasing after Smokey & Bandit, I can't imagine when he starts to walk/run after them.

Baseball is still going strong. Indy made it to Regionals and plays Wyoming East on the 26th! It's been a long season but hopefully they can make it back to States!

I'm enjoying photography more and more! I was lucky enough to have a few friends let me take their Engagement Pictures at Little Beaver State Park! Also, her sister wanted me to take a few of her to put in her graduation announcements, I hope she liked them.

Anyway, Micah is going to be a year old in a few weeks but we decided to do his party next weekend over Memorial Day weekend since it's a long weekend and my parents will be in town also! This should be a ton of fun! Pictures to come, you know it.