Friday, April 24, 2009

March for Babies!!!


See over there?? I need some more sponsors for my March of Dimes, March for Babies walk on May 2nd. If you would like to be a sponsor, please let me know before Monday so I can get everything in. Btw, Thank You Ann for being my 1st sponsor :)

You can do it online, write me, text me, call me, email, however is easiest!!

Thank you guys so much, you know this is for a great cause :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Crawling, Playing, Standing..... O My!!!

So we have been a busy little family. Baseball is starting to pick up so Scott has been a busy guy with that. Games or practice every night of the week including Saturday so Micah and myself have been getting some great quality time together!

I am so happy spring has sprung, because I am in full picture taking mood! From Micah, to Scott, to Flower, Trees, and the animals, anything is a good photo opp, hehe. This past weekend it was beautiful so Micah, Bandit and I went to Joys for the day. We stayed outside the whole time and it was so nice! From grilling out, to the dogs fighting (long story) and watching Micah just look in awe over everything new he came into contract with, I was just so happy.

We took Emily and Micah for a wagon ride, which they both enjoyed (Micah more than Em). I also saw some tulips in Joy's neighbors yard, so I couldn't pass it up, I had to get some pictures, they were just beautiful. I also couldn't pass up taking some pictures of Joy's flowers.

Micah is crawling all over the place, he will go a few on all fours, but then he realizes he will go faster on his tummy, so he flops down and takes off again. He is pulling up on everything like crazy, he loves to get on his knees, and ever so often will get all the way up to his feet. I guess it won't be long and he will start to move those feet, huh? Oh please help me when he does!
Here is a picture of Micah favorite place in the house! Think he is going to take after his mom? Bless this child.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sunday Outing....

This past Sunday was a beautiful Spring day. We decided to take Micah out and to Grandview Park. Well apparently everyone in the Beckley area decided to do the same exact thing with their children. When we arrived you could barely find a parking spot. We talked it over and decided not to stay there. As we talked we tried to think of places in WV that we had not photographed yet. Scott mentioned Bluestone Dam and Sandstone Falls, so we were off, towards Hinton.

Thankfully there really wasn't anyone at the Dam so I could get some really good pictures without having to fight around people. Also, the falls really weren't that crowded either, just another jewel stuck away in WV!

While walking at the Falls I came across this really neat tree.... people have engraved their names or initials all over it. Neat huh?

On our way home I decided I had better call my Aunt and cousin so we could stop by. She would have killed me if she knew I drive right past her house without stopping, hehe. Micah had a good time watching their dog, Abby, chase the ball.

I was also able to get a few good pictures of Joy's flowers that have sprouted up already! YAY for spring.