Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

We have been super busy this past week or so. I had the first part of the secretaries test for the school board and Micah went to the babysitters for the first time. He seems to really enjoy it there. She also has two little boys so it works out great.

I ended up passing the first part of the test (typing 50 wpm, easy) and I took the second part yesterday. This may be where it bits me in the arce. I'm horrible at grammar and there were a few grammar questions, figures. Anyway, I hope to find out today if I passed it or not. Wouldn't it be great to have the same schedule as Scott and Micah when he grows up?

Our little man is growing more and more everyday. He is around 14 lbs now and full of life. Scott & I have noticed that he is more alert throughout the day. Which is great because he is sleeping about 9 hours through the night now! Woot!

As you can see in the picture he loves night time. We give him his bath and wrap him up in a blanket, usually covering his head. Scott decided that just his head needed covered the other night and look at poor Micah.

We had some visitors this past week. From grandma & grandpa C watching him for a few hours, great maw-maw and Aunt Nancy coming over for a visit and John, Joy & Emily stopping by we were busy. Joy has to come over to get her 'Micah fix' at least once a week, which is fine by me because she absolutely loves him. Emily just wants to hold him and kiss on him, as you see in the picture below. Emily is 6 years old and my 2 month old son seems to be catching her in the weight and height category. LOL

Of course, Bandit couldn't be left out. He loves when John, Joy & Emily come over because he doesn't have to be thrown outside. They also have a dog and are very comfortable playing with him. Joy decided to get him hyper and play around. Bandit has a mind of his own and showed Joy who was boss, biting her butt! HA They ran and ran around the house until Bandit laid down and gave up! Thanks Joy, for wearing my dog out.

NOTE: On the job search. I had an interview this past Thursday but haven't heard anything back, so I take that it means I didn't get the job. Hopefully the school system will work out and I can get a job there or maybe sub for awhile!

Monday, August 11, 2008

My Little Papoose

Well since it's been awhile, I have a lot of catching up to do. This past week was full of relaxation. Micah and I chilled at home most of the week just playing and having fun. He is smiling more and more everyday. Something Scott & I notice is he will giggle in his sleep. He must be dreaming about something but it is a full out all giggle, very cute.

His old swing that Aunt Joy got for us (thanks Aunt Joy) decided to break. It had a mind of it's own. It would swing when it wanted to and then the mobile and light stopped also. When that happened Micah became an old grouchy man and would scream bloody murder at it. So we packed our things and headed to Wal-Mart to buy a new swing. Micah seems to enjoy this one also, only time will tell!
While I was at Sam's buying meat for the next few weeks, I came across the cutest little outfits. I just had to buy one for Micah, do you like it?

Micah has a new nickname, thanks to a few neighbors; Papoose. I took Bandit outside to play with a few of his buddies and decided to take Micah along in his sling. Everyone said he looked like a little papoose in there, so now that is his nickname. He really enjoys the sling, it helps him see the world around him. When he gets really fussy, we put him in and I walk around, calms him right down. I can't believe he is already 2 months old and facing forward, wanting to look around all the time.

Side Note: The job search is still on going. I have sent my resume in a few different places and haven't even had a phone call back from any of them. I'm hoping within the next 5 months I will have a job. Keep me in your thoughts.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Enjoyable Weekend

Our 'little old man' is beginning to play with daddy, he started to notice movement much more. The big swing my aunt got for us broke, the mobile/light show up top stopped working and Micah becomes a grouch when the toys don't go anywhere. Looks like it's going to be a trip to Wal-mart for a new swing!

This weekend Grandma and Grandpa C came over to watch Micah for a while so Scott & I could have a 'date night'. We went to watch The Mummy at the theater. It was a pretty good movie, a lot of funny parts. It was nice to get out, just the two of us. Ended up that it takes two people to babysit for us. One for Micah and one for Bandit! They said they enjoyed it though.

I finally got a picture of Micah smiling. It's not the greatest but you can see it now! Nana M was too excited to finally get pictures of him. He wants to play more often and smile up a storm, we just love it.

Well, the fun beginnings! Football practice started today for the area high school teams. This means less time with daddy until about December. Hopefully the team will do well this year and make it to playoffs! Go Patriots.

My job search is still going on. I haven't heard anything from anyone, but hopefully someone will contact me soon. I feel like I'm not getting my message out there clear enough. This is so tough when you have to actually look for a job.