Sunday, November 23, 2008

I've been tagged....

to tell 6 random things about myself! Here is goes:

1. Our cat, Smokey, was Scott's before we even meet! He is now 'my' cat though, he sleeps on my side of the bed and comes to me whenever he needs something. He only goes to Scott when he wants to attack something, like Scott's forearm!

2. I didn't have a cavity until I was getting ready to go to college!

3. If I get on full-time with the school board as a secretary, there is no use for me to go back to school to finish my degree. (only ups my pay by like $2.00 a day) At least I see no need in it.

4. I am the second oldest of the grandchildren from my dad's side (there are 11) and the youngest from my mother's side (there are 4 of us)

5. Even before I got to the hospital to have Micah, I always had a thought in the back of my head that I would end up having a c-section! My thought ended up being right.

6. I am horribly afraid of getting into a serious car accident. I am always watching out for other drivers.

Carrots & Gaming!

Micah is starting to eat foods! YAY So far he has had Sweet Potatoes (he LOVES) Carrots (not so much) and bananas. Well you can guess if he loves bananas or not ;) Kathy, our great babysitter has been helping out and feeding Micah once a day. I didn't believe her when she said he would open wide for food. Until I was feeding him this week. We were on Carrots and he opened wide but then spit it right back out. He did this the whole time. Needless to say he made a mess, as you can see in the picture below!

Micah enjoy sitting on your lap while watching TV or Bandit run around the room. One evening after his bath he was sitting on his daddies lap while Scott played a football game. This is what I walked into a few minutes later. Scott giving Micah lessons on how to tackle and pump fake! We believe the reason Micah really liked the controller is because of the little light that is right at the top! Whatever pleases the little man is fine by me, as long as it doesn't cause any harm.

Micah in the middle of a 'pump fake'

Nana and Paw paw Myers are coming in for Thanksgiving so I am sure we will have more pictures to show you after this week! Hope everyone has a fun & safe holiday!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bad Blogger

Yes yes I know, I am such a bad blogger. To make it up to you, I have new Micah pictures! Along with a few others.

Halloween was a great experience with Micah, he loved his little outfit (pictures to come, I'm sorry) Everyone just ooohed and aaahed over him.

Micah is starting to reach for things. We have also noticed that he loves to follow objects, mostly Bandit, around. He also loves his little jumper. He will sit in that thing, jump up and down and play with the toys for close to an hour now. He will get so tickled with himself that he has to catch his breath, it's so cute.

Here is a cute picture, he is getting scared easier these days:

A few weekends ago, Scott & I went to Babcock State Park. It was a beautiful early fall day and I got some great pictures. Old Old Crist Mill is just a great place to take pictures and a great West Virginia landmark! The sun was alittle in the way but I made it work. Also, I wish we would have gone just a week early, the fall leaves would have been in full bloom and not on the ground.

Note: So I am back to work at Interior Concepts, but I am also still a sub-secretary with the schools. Hopefully it won't take too long to get on full-time! We can only pray.