Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Big, Exciting News

We have 2 very big and exciting topics to share with everyone!!

#1....... Micah is walking!

Yep, our little man is walking. I will have to try and get him on video soon. He is so cute, sticks that belly out, throws those arms off, and takes off. (I would have pictures but mom was a little impatient about this post since I haven't updated since July, I'm sorry!)

He did have a little accident this weekend when he was starting to let go. He was walking to the window, tripped and feel face first on the dog bone. There apparently was a sharp edge on the bone because our little guy has a little black eye. It has gone done a lot since this weekend but it is still noticeable.

#2...... that is just it, I am pregnant with #2!!!!! YAY

We are so exciting to be welcoming our 2nd child in March of 2010! I can't believe we will have 2 under 2, Micah will be close to 22 months when I have the 2nd child. I also can't believe we will be having another baby in the house! Excited beyond belief though.

My parents are also going to be the proud grandparents of 3 grandchildren by then! My brother & sis-in-law are due in October, I am too excited to be pregnant along with her and share this joy with both our families!

My little baby isn't going to be the baby for very much longer, can you believe it??

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